Additional courses from training partners

Sewerage systems training

Courses are held under the umbrella of the four organizations ASTAG, VSA, FES and SGV.

The courses offer theoretical knowledge and practical skills transfer with all that “maintenance of sewerage systems” encompasses.

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Learn the basics about dangers and protective measures at entry and work in confined spaces as well as rescue techniques in theory and practical exercises considering various lifesaving scenarios.

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Crane operator training

Become a qualified crane operator, from basics to expert including exam.

SUVA officially recognised, compulsory education.

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Construction machines training

From labourer to machine specialist. Specific education including build up and maintenance of building machines as well as instruction and exam in the field of building machines operation.


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Forklift Training

Forklift drivers require special knowledge and skills to fulfil their tasks safely and efficiently.

The courses conclude with a theoretical and practical examination.

Participants receive a SUVA certified forklift drivers licence after successful course completion.

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Blasting supplementary training

The participant expands his knowledge of blasting techniques in theory and with practical work according to the instructions of the examination commission. The knowledge of legal regulations is updated.

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Hybrid trainings

An innovative training concept that uses digital possibilities

What is hybrid trainings?

The demand for skilled workers is high. Apprenticeships are becoming fewer or disappearing completely. This makes it all the more important to qualify and train employees in a targeted manner.

Hybrid trainings is a new type of training concept offered at VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG (VSH). Apart from traditional training offers with real, physical training on site, we have now upgraded and supplemented the offer with the new digital and virtual possibilities that are available to us today.

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The concept is that the practical demonstrations will be held in the Hagerbach test gallery. In addition, the training courses will be broadcast live. This means that the practical content will be conveyed via cameras, stationary or mobile and/or also body cams. Interaction between instructors and participants is thus possible at any time. Questions and answers in real time during the live demonstrations are desired and guaranteed.

Overview of current hybrid training and course offerings