TBM examiner training

A train-the-trainer course for experts with 5+ years EPB Tunnel Bore Machine experience on a minimum of two different projects and who are
enthusiastic about teaching.

In the world of tunneling and excavation, the success of a TBM operation relies on numerous influential factors. From hydrogeology and geotechnics to machine parameters and support technologies, TBM pilots shoulder the responsibility of overseeing a wide range of critical aspects. Recognizing the significance of this multifaceted challenge, EFNARC has taken the initiative to enhance the expertise of TBM pilots.
The goal is to provide a standardised training programme and accreditation for the TBM pilot that will both reduce the overall time it takes to become an effective pilot and set a standard for the industry.
The TBM Certification Scheme operates through experienced and trained Examiners who facilitates training courses around the world for TBM Pilots. The TBM Pilot course includes lectures, e-learning and an online exam to ensure objective assessment. Simulator training is an enabler of setting an industry standard, along with being environmentally friendly. At the same time, special and exceptional cases can be tested in the virtual environment, which only rarely occur in the real environment. Successful completion of all training modules and 90 days of TBM experience are required to obtain an EFNARC TBM certificate.
The TBM Examiner has a wide experience of underground construction and as EPB TBM pilot and has been independently accredited by EFNARC through attendance at an TBM Examiner course. CUC is offering Examiner accreditation for the TBM Certification Scheme on behalf of EFNARC.


Day 1:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • General TBM pilot topics
  • TBM pilot course setup

Day 2:

  • Introduction to and use of simulators
  • TBM consumables overview
  • Theory test

Day 3:

  • Introduction to E-learning
  • Assessment
  • Learning tactics
  • Simulators
  • Oral examination

Day 4:

  • Evaluation of training and simulators
    to obtain ITA endorsement

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Under supervision of ITACET for endorsement preparation

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